SARS-CoV-2 makes multiple proteins to propagate. If these proteins can be safely and effectively targeted, then viral activity and replication can be inhibited, resulting in reduced disease severity. more...

In silico discovery of drug repositioning candidates is one of our focus areas.

We can help if you want to discover how your existing compounds can interrupt proteins of interest. Our novel quasi-quantum molecular simulation platform allows us to do this quickly and effectively, providing you with a detailed interaction analysis. We can further help take these candidates through in vitro and in vivo validation. 


Merging Disparate Sciences

We merge high performance computation with quantum physics, bio-chemistry, computer vision and autonomous decision-making

We are a Massachusetts based bio-tech company offering state-of-the-art molecular discovery and design services. Drug repositioning and de-novo molecular design are our major focus areas. Contact us for an in-depth discussion on what we do and how it can help leap-frog your own molecular design and discovery efforts. 


Magic with Molecules

Analyze. Detect. Align. Split. Modify. Repeat

Our algorithms autonomously

  • Detects molecular spatial features

  • Detects molecular charge features

  • Detects and splits molecular sub-domains

  • Aligns with candidate cognate molecules based on energy and on atomic interaction characteristics

  • Matches where it can, calculates where it cannot, molecular pKa with cognate atom identification


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