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Engineering Plans

We provide expert cutting edge specialized services delivering capabilities not easily found elsewhere. These services are provided by our specialists who we think are some of the best experienced minds and some of the best upcoming minds in their respective fields. CONTACT US if you would like our assistance on a project that's important to you.

Financial Report

N3C Dataset and Statistical Research Methodology Expertise

We were one of the very first commercial companies that was granted COVID research access to NIH's N3C system to facilitate rapid COVID research. As such our researchers have a deep understanding of the data quality and data structures in this rich but complex de-identified patient data system.


OMOP Data Model and Concept Expertise

As a consequence of continuing our state of the art SARS-CoV-2 drug repositioning research we gained in-depth insight and understanding of the OMOP patient data model based on real yet de-identified patient data.

Medicine Prescription

Pharmaceutical compound safety and prevalence research

This is an expertise we built up using pharmacology and pharmacy specialists around the world as we continue to explore drug repositioning research against SARS-CoV-2 and other pathogens.

Image by Photoholgic

Protein structure research and analysis

We have built expertise in protein structure, sub-structure, chain and ligand analysis as a by-product of our own quasi-quantum protein energy analysis research.


Small molecule structure research and analysis

We have built this expertise to pursue our own drug repositioning and de-novo drug design pursuits and welcome the opportunity to share our expertise with other worthy projects.

Server Installation

Super-computing cluster and job services using SLURM

We built this expertise through building our own internal HPC using SLURM and also using super-computing resources for active research at some of the fastest super-computing centers on the planet including but not limited to MGHPCC, TACC and PSC.

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