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We take pride in our Corporate Science Responsibility (CSR) activities. These are activities that transcend short-term focus on profits and address greater societal need. It's different than traditional Corporate Social Responsibility as we think science must be used to tackle to societal issues humanity is facing today.

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SARS-COV2 (COVID19) protein structure - FDA active compound simulation

We have simulated 1513 FDA approved active compounds against 11 published SARS-COV2 (COVID-19) protein structures to see if an existing compound can affect viral protein assembly and/or activity. MGHPCC recently wrote about this work here. As of December 2020 we have access to over 1.5MM detailed de-identified patient records to further our COVID-19 research.

03-31-2021: Katia Moskvitch of the COVID-19 HPC consortium writes about ARIScience's findings in summary form.

04-06-2021: The detailed pre-print manuscript is here. In short we found 4 drugs associated with statistically significant reduced COVID-19 mortality odds.

04-26-2021: Oliver Peckham reports on ARIScience's findings in summary form here

07-06-2021: Ken Chiacchia of PSC reports on ARIScience's findings here.

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Convalescent plasma effectiveness against COVID-19

From December 2020 we have been leading a team of multi-institution researchers to assess where convalescent plasma is an effective treatment for hospitalized COVID-19 patients. Our results will be based on 2.5MM de-identified patient dataset from NIH/N3C.

04-07-2021: The analysis is complete and we expect to imminently release our results.

05-09-2021: The pre-print is available here.

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Assessing Effect of Melatonin on COVID-19

From January 2021 we have been leading a team of multi-institution researchers to validate/invalidate effect of Melatonin (reported by an outside research group) on COVID-19. Our results will be based on dataset from NIH/N3C.

04-29-2021: The analysis is complete and we expect to imminently release our results once it has gone through peer review.

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Homemade non-invasive CPAP Ventilator Concept

We convened a team of engineers and doctors, most of whom volunteered their time to explore whether a CPAP ventilator can be created using commonly available household parts. This concept is detailed in the linked PDF presentation. The detailed design files and underlying literature are here.

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Additional Resources

Some specific resources and technology we have developed are available for others to use as we want to make the world a better place. These are available at:

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